Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I “Register”?

    On the top of the page the function “Login / Register” gives two options. The “Register” option opens a form, which enables you to be a subscriber. There, you need to fill in the fields “Username”, “E-mail” and "Password" and select Subscribe. Once this process is completed you will receive an email. Following the link enables you to confirm your registration and then, your full connection to the website. Fill your Username or Email and your Password.

  • How can I “Log in”?

    The option on the top “Login/ Subscribe” opens the login page. Enter your Username or Email and your Password, then select “log-in”.

  • What is the “Municipality’s Collection”?

    It is all the cultural resources that have been uploaded at the portal by the Municipality of Tripoli.

  • Are there any requirements to be met?

    All content of the portal that has been posted or will be posted meets certain requirements according to the European good practices of digitization and deposition of the cultural content. Therefore, in order to post a resource on this cultural portal you have to check that it meets the following standards:

    • The content must be related to cultural heritage, since the purpose of the portal is the collection and free disposal of the cultural heritage of the Municipality of Tripoli.

    • The file name you upload is recommended to be as descriptive as possible, since this will make it easily accessible from the search engines.

    • Digitized files must be in ‘jpeg’ format.

    • Minimum quality requirements analysis for the digitized files is 72 dpi.

    • The file name is recommended to have a specific format. Specifically, the file name should appear in latin characters, with no spaces and you are not allowed to use these symbols (*,?, <,>,%, ', ", \, /,:, |, [,], @). An example file name would be "malliaropouleio_exwterikos_xwros".

  • How can I “Upload a Cultural Resource”?

    In order to upload cultural resources on the website you haveto be a registereduserandbe logged in. Make sure that you have read the Terms of Use and Policies and the Minimum Standards of the Cultural Resources. The menu at the top of the homepage, “Collections” displays a submenu, where you select “Upload Cultural Resource”. In order to upload a resource successfully you need to fulfill the indicated with blue mark fields. Firstly, select, through "Browse", the file you want to upload from your computer and then fill in the obligatory fields. When you complete all of them, select "Save" in order to upload your file.

  • What “Title” should I give?

    A word or phrase that describes best the resource you will upload is the most appropriate title for it. If the file is accompanied by explicit intellectual property rights, fill the field with the title as given by the author/creator.

  • What does a “Cultural Resource” mean?

    A cultural resource is a piece of someone’s history, which may be an image, a document, a painting, or a combination of them. It is the material that each user can upload on the gate and includes the image and all the information that surrounds it, such as the title, the description, the license rights to use it and all the other components that are being completed during the uploading, such as its attached metadata.

  • Who is the “Creator”?

    In this field you have to fill in the name of the person who created the photo/ resource and holds the copyright on it.

  • What “Resource Classification” should I choose?

    It is necessary to choose a category, or a subcategory from the list, in which your resource will be included.

  • What “Description” should I give?

    An appropriate description would be a text that gives specific information on the image. The “Description” field, though not mandatory, is particularly useful, as the visitor of the portal is able to collect useful information of the projected resource.

  • Why does my username appear on the “Publisher” field? Can I change it?

    The Publisher, here, is considered to be the one who publishes the resource. Your username is filled in by default. You can always change it by selecting the field and filling in the proper publisher, if this is not you.

  • What if I miss the “Date of Creation” of the file?

    If  you do not know the “Date of Creation”, the system will automatically fill this field for you and mark the date as “Unspecified”.

  • What “Key words" should I choose?

    Keywords are some phrases that you can choose to mark your resource in order to be easy to find by search engines.

  • What is the “Cite in Wikipedia”?

    Here you can enter the URL of the resource’s page on "Wikipedia" and let the visitors have a complete view of it. This field is very useful for additional information and gives the visitor the opportunity to learn more on your cultural resource.

  • What does the field “Language” mean?

    It is obligatory that you choose the language that your Intellectual Property Rights License will appear to the visitors and subscribers of the portal.

  • What is the “Choose a relation” field?

    It has to be filled in when the resource you upload is associated with another. The option “IsVersionOf” is used when the resource is part of another, the option “IsBased On” is used when it is a translation, “IsPartOf” when is part of a set, and the term “IsFormatOf” is selected when the resource comes from configuration-processing.

  • What Property Rights License do I have to choose?

    Special attention must be given to this field. You should be aware that your resources will available for re-use by other users under the restrictions provided. So it is important to protect your content with the Property Rights.
    If you are not the proprietor of the Intellectual Property Rights of the Content, you have to guarantee that you are authorized by the proprietor of the Intellectual Property Rights of this Content to publish it, under the terms provided by him.
    Otherwise, if you are the proprietor, you must choose provide the Property Rights:
    1) Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)
    This license gives everyone the permission to use or edit the image, but has to refer the creator and any transformation of this content, has to be published by the same rights.
    2) Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)
    This license gives everyone the permission to use or edit the image, but has to refer the creator.
    3) Public Domain Dedication CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)
    The picture that is marked with this statement is assigned as public domain and the creator has denied all of his rights. So everyone can use or edit it without any restrictions.

  • Why once I post my picture the message: "The file has been successfully uploaded. Once the file is approved it will be published " is displayed?

    Any file must be approved by the administrators before published. Once this approval is given, you will be able to view the resource you posted at the "User’s Collection".

  • Where can I find the photos I have uploaded?

    The menu at the top of the homepage 'Collections' displays a submenu. The option "User’s Collection" opens a new page of all the resources, classified on categories.

  • What is the "Identifier" that appears on the information displayed by a resource?

    It is an encoding given by the administrators and classifies the resources.

  • Can I change the information in my profile?

    You can change the information displayed in your profile by selecting 'Edit Profile' under your Username on the top of the Homepage. On the profile page, all the information is listed and through the option "Edit profile" just below your username, you can edit them.

  • How do I disconnect?

    The option “log out” under your Username on top of the Homepage disconnects you.